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Industry Solutions That Simplify Supply Chains

DHL Express offers a number of Industry Solutions that leverage the capabilities of its network to support customers who demand innovative and competitive supply chain networks.

The fast delivery service you already know for courier deliveries, now also available for formal shipments! DHL Express’ complete assistance allows your business to reach the entire world.

When thinking about importing or exporting, you can rely on our ample cover of more than 220 countries and fastest transit times. From pick up until delivery, DHL Express is your only partner in all your formal shipments.
For more information on formal shipments contact your sales representative or our Customer Service.

Now you have the best option in formal import to Manaus. With DHL Express you will not waste any time and will have total control over your operations to all imports with destination to Manaus.

To offer an even better service to your client, with better planning and less risks, it is very important to have total control over all logistics operation – which is why only with DHL Express you can have:
  • Tranquility: operation 100% under DHL Express control, which offers pick up in 220 countries and in more than 130.000 destinations.
  • Speed: direct flight to Manaus, reducing even further the transit time of shipments. The cargo delivery is done in the airport to your customs broker.
  • Visibility and Transparency: our online monitoring tools allow complete vision of the operation and control of the entire process.
  • Financial Planning: you receive your invoice in local currency which allows you to have better control over your costs and financial planning.
  • Complete Advisory: you also can rely on a team dedicated to help you on all stages of the process.
Receiving large shipments became a lot faster!

DHL Express: the expertise you already know for courier shipments, not also available for your formal shipments.
For more information on formal imports in Manaus, contact our exclusive DHL Express Manaus service:

Tatiana Alde
(11) 3618-5307

For more information on formal shipments contact your sales representative or our Customer Service.